Rayarc Music Arena

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Attract & Streamline Music Discovery

Attract & streamline your music submissions to grow the online music community.

Music Artists can upload content directly or share their Soundcloud playlists and Youtube music videos. It's fully integrated.


Becoming A Trusted Music Source

We can control what type and quality of music that gets acceptance into the music arena using content gatekeeping, to build our brand and become a trusted music source.


Increase visibility with community-driven engagement.

We market and only promote the most progressive artists using our 5-star rating gamification, where rating standards increase with the competition level.

Auto-curation of top-rated music content in your arena and community-driven collaborative filtering that enables you to focus on the most engaging music content.


Enhance decision making for music promotion & brand partnerships.

Our core reports are integrated with Google Analytics, and can leverage all the powerful reporting features.

This help supports data-driven decision making for top artists to collaborate in brand partnerships.


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