Identify any major marketing gaps
in your business.

The marketing analysis report provides insight into your business’s online marketing performance.
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We can use this report to highlight gaps in your marketing and work together to propose the ideal solutions.
How strong is your business online presence?

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Discover your business marketing performance in seven categories

Identify your marketing gaps and how your business measures up with your industry competitors

Website - Content Management

Your website is the center-piece of your online presence. Our report provides insights to access your website for:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Content
  • User experience & page

Local businesses need a mobile-friendly site that delivers the user experience and content that visitor seek in order to increase engagement.

ecommerce analysis report

eCommerce - Digital Store

The Analysis Report provides insight into your ecommerce presence and it stacks up in key categories:

  • Onine storefront
  • Online payments
  • Lead engagement

Ecommerce continues to grow and it's essential that local businesses have the ability to engage effectively with online customers.

Level up your online store conversion!

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Our report identifies how your business' organic keyword performance stacks up against competitors.

  • Keyword overlap
  • Number of keywords
  • Monthly clicks
  • Monthly value of clicks

Your business need to own popular keywords for your brand identify. This ensures potential customers can find your business over competitors.


Social Media

Our Analysis Report assess your social presence against similar businesses in regards to:

  • Number of posts
  • Size of audience

Local businesses must keep their followers engaged to grow their audience and build brand loyalty.

Grow their engagment, grow their audience.


Business Listings

Our Analysis Report gets data from over 70 directories to show your business statistics for:

  • Number of listings
  • Accuracy of listings
  • Missing sites

Local businesses need accurate listings in many business directories to ensure people can find them online.


The Snapshot Report gets data from over 30 customer review sites to highlight:

  • Number of reviews
  • Recency of reviews
  • Average score

Local businesses must continually get fresh reviews and aim for a 4-5 star review rating to establish trust and credibility.


Strengthen your online business marketing presence